5 Tips To Help You Make The Best Out Of GitHub

5 Tips To Help You Make The Best Out Of GitHub

One of the most important tools in a software developer's arsenal is Github. GitHub is a code management platform built on the popular version control system called Git.

Github provides developers the opportunity to collaborate and work on projects with other developers. It is also referred to as social platform made for developers.

These days Github usage is not only limited to software developers but also other professionals such as designers and products managers who have come to realized what the popular collaboration platform has to offer.

Having a Github account is simple as opening a facebook account but how do you use the platform effectively is such an important topic that need to be addressed.

In this post, I'll show you how to make the best out of Github.

1. GitHub Profile ReadMe

After creating an account on GitHub, the first thing you should do is to setup your profile ReadMe and furnish it will all the neccesary details.

In your profile ReadMe, introduce yourself, let people see what you do and how you look like. Tell us the languages you've used and what you are currently learning. What are the tools you use and how can you be contacted are the details that are needed to be available on your ReadMe.

2. Showcase Your Work

The best way to showcase your work is to always upload your projects to Github. That's an undeniable fact. But you can take it further by pining your top projects on your GitHub profile page.

When someone lands on your profile, the next thing they will see after reading your profile ReadMe are your pinned projects. So make sure, the pinned projects are your best projects.

3. Write a Good ReadMe for your projects

A good ReadMe is the face of your project and it's one of the most important thing that make up a good repository.

A well crafted ReadMe for your project is a good way to let people know what your project is all about. A nice ReadMe with neccesary details and screenshots will help grab people's attention and explain to them what the project is, why it matters and how they can contribute.

A good ReadMe should cover some items such as what your project does, how to install it, how to setup the development environment, hoew to make a change and changelogs

4. Make Use of Github Pages

GitHub Pages are free hosted webpages provided by GitHub which allow developers to deploy their static websites and web apps online.

With Github Pages, developers can create a live working URL for their apps or websites.

GitHub Pages offers a lot of features which include ease of setup, flexibility, live updating and lots more.

Once you're ready to deploy your web creation to the world wide web, ensure to use Github pages. This will generate a live working URL for your project.

5. Contribute

You can't fully understand the meaning of the platform, GitHub without getting yourself immersed in open source and contributing to other people's projects.

By contributing to a project, you're making the project better and not only that, you will be able to learn new technologies and ecosystems, make constructive reports and feature requests.

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